Best returning Shadowrun artist! JuHUUUU!

I won a prize and this is the whole story about it. :-)

-Me, flattered

I was 18 years young when I dived into the shadows for the first time. That was still in school, during a project week in which we actually managed to enforce the theme “roleplaying”. In other words: five of us students (quite typically, I was the only girl there) spent the entire time playing Shadowrun!

From fantasy to cyberpunk

Before that I only knew DSA and D&D (Forgotten realms), but the magical cyberpunk setting got me hooked extremely fast and we just kept playing after the project week in private. Especially the magical aspect in a modern setting always excited me and also the connection to our real world.

“Powerplant” (2022), pencil & digital color (Mike, Nicci & Trisha from our Teen-Group)
Crawl the sprawl

Since then some years and many hours in the Sprawl (yes, actually we always played in Seattle) have passed. Various runners have been involved, but there was also a Lonestar troop and currently – since about 2 1/2 years – we play teenagers of a high school. Only that we are now more female players than male. =)

Many years, many pictures

In the context of our groups – once like today – I always created many illustrations. And a few pictures I even had in official publications for the 4th edition (in Streetmagic or Attitude for example), but somehow I always had the impression that my rather soft fantasy style doesn’t fit 100% to the much harder SR cyberpunk.

Old Days, old Pictures
Shadowrun Art Contest

Until now! The digital illustration style fits just perfect (in my opinion) and I’m now able to get harder contrasts with pencil, too. So I’m finally satisfied with my SR images.

And so I sent some of them in when Tilo Hörter drew my attention to the Shadowrun Art Contest last year! And yay: I won in the category Best Returning SR Artist! In other words: my way leads back to the shadows of America. And not only at the table and privately, but also officially! And I am totally happy about that!

The shadows are deep enough for other winners

Last but not least I would also like to congratulate the winner of the category Best Storytelling, Maike Gerstenkorn (Portfolio: And in the category Best Setting, Francis Sánchez (Portfolio:

You have done a great job, Chummers! =)

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