Artvent Calendar Door #24: Willow

Three years ago I made the decision to paint illustrations (movie poster style) for the three of my favorite and most formative fantasy films and the one series I love the most : Legend, Labyrinth, Willow and The Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance. As it often is with such plans, I don’t always manage to carry them through to the end. But this time I actually did it! I have now completed the series with Willow and thus probably the four most elaborate paintings of my career so far. =)

“Willow” – Aquarelle, airbrush, colored pencils & fineliner, ca. 35,5 x 51 cm (2022)

And the current picture even fits to the Willow-Series that is broadcastet on Netflix these days! But to be honest I do not dare to look in it. For fear it could be bad, or at least not meet my expectations (which I think is very likely).

Willow WIP

The other three siblings

Future plans

However, when something comes to an end, something new begins! Because I had so much fun with these illustrations, I have decided to continue the series and take four more pieces on films that I love very much! Which these will be may not yet revealed. =)

Happy Christmas

So for now I wish you all a healthy and relaxed Christmas without stress. Something that I find VERY desirable! =)

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