Artvent Calendar Door #2: Nicci

Nicci Waiters is a character of our Shadowrun Teenie group. Our RPG group exists for a good two years now, with Nicci being one of our DM’s NPC and my character’s (Mike) girlfriend. Nicci is a newly awakened fire witch, captain of the high school Quiz Team and a rich kid with a big heart … and with a great fondness for fan fiction about the people in their lives. :-)

“Nicci”- Digital illustration, 2021

WTF is Shadowrun?

for those who don’t know: Shadowrun is my old love! It’s THE classic cyberpunk roleplaying game set in the late 21. century, in wich magic has returned. There are different metatypes like orcs, elves, trolls etc., CEO dragons, mighty ghosts and even mightier AIs, who know exactly which ad for thermal socks annoys you the most in the final moments of your favourite summertime show. So you can play mages, cyberzombies, super-hackers et al. in a Blade Runner-like scenario of the future. But you can play normal teenagers with normal teenage problems, too. ;-)

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