Artvent Calendar Door #12: Who once ran the Shadows

Shadowrun has always been one of my favourite role-playing games. I played it for the first time when I was eighteen. For the first time ever when I played role-playing games – namely DSA – I was twelve … and still I play. Sometimes a few years go by in which I only roam fantasy realms, then we run through the shadows again for a few years in a row.

The core of the players has often remained the same, including in our current teen group, with which we have been playing for a good 2 1/2 years now. I think it’s worth mentioning that we always have more female players on board than male, which is probably not very common, especially in a cyberpunk setting. It’s a lot of fun.

Anyway, we’ve already chased various characters through the Seattle Sprawl: lots of runners, cops, pirates and now teens.

Here you can see a few of our former characters, whom all make another appearance in our current campaign:

  • Sunny, a Ki-Adept and runner, who is a former character of my husband Tobi.
  • My former social adept Lenny, who has also been called “Orklando Bloom” once because he is really good looking for an orc =). The shadow doctor Thea (who is now married to Lenny) who was and is played by a dear friend.
  • Havana who was also one of my characters and a social chameleon.

As much as I love fantasy worlds, I will always love Shadowrun just as much.

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