Advent Calendar Door # 16: Cala

The AI art theft is currently on everyone’s (at least on every illustrators’) lips and as an artist I consider it natural not to approve of this either! But what is the best way to counteract this development? In my opinion, the answer is: art! The more individual, concise and unique it becomes, the more each work will show whose brushstroke, whose hand and heart, whose creativity and imagination is behind it … and what is just plagiarism under the guise of progress and innovation.


I have the advantage of (mainly) painting/drawing traditionally, an area that probably can’t be copied that quickly. So I decided to take up the feather glove and go on the offensive. I don’t want to just illustrate and hide my own pictures in the closet. So from now on I will offer mostly original art in my Etsy store and make an art out of my art.

And so my today’s picture Cala can be found there! Cala means light in Quenya, the language of the High Elves of Middle Earth. And light it is, which hopefully awaits us as artists, as well as generally as people! =)

“Cala” – Aquarelle, airbrush (2022)

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